Brief Write Up Example for Bank Dues OTS Offer

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Brief Write Up Example for Bank Dues OTS Offer 

Dear Mr. Amit Jain 

Following is the brief write up as required by you:- 

Note on State Bank of India “CC Limit” One Time Settlement 

We had a One Time Settlement with your bank on 12th Nov 2024 amounting to Rs. 15 Crs but due to some unfortunate financial incidences we couldn’t honour the same at that time. But now in spite of financial crunch in the Company we want to settle down the long outstanding with the Bank for removing the tag of “Wilful Defaulter” associated with Company’s Name. Following are the proposals on which company can work upon:-


1)  OTS Amount Rs. 8 Crs (Rupees Eight Crores): - Upfront Payment of Rs. 8 Crs (Rupees Eight Crores)as a Full & Final Settlement amount within 14 Working days from the date of Signing of the Settlement Agreement.


2)  OTS Amount Rs. 15 Crs (Rupees Fifteen Crores): - Company had arranged an ARC to buy the loan from the Bank. The concerned ARC has proposed to fund the transaction in 50% Security Receipts & 50% Payment by Cheque/Demand Draft on Signing of the Settlement Agreement.


We expect you to take this matter forward to the Bank on our behalf & close the matter asap.


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