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Chairman's Birthday!


Chairman Sir Birthday Wishes in English


Name :                   ARNAB BANERJEE


Company :              STABNET INDUSTRIAL WORKS


Designation :          DIRECTOR - HR

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Birthdays are very special days for every person because it reminds us that it is


one more year of God’s choicest blessings on us. This is particularly a great day


for achievers like you, who in this short period of life has achieved the


impossible and who aspires to make the impossible possible. It reminds us that


great people are born and not made. Greatness for some comes naturally, to


those who believe in a win-win situation which again is one of the important 



habits of leadership. May God shower his abundant graces on you as you 


continue to lead and help in the progress of people at large.



Wishing you a birthday which will take you on a path where all your dreams and




reality merge, where happiness has no end and luck accompanies you


every where.                    “Have a Great Birthday”



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