Breach of Contract Letter to Contractor Before Taking Action

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Breach of Contract Letter to Contractor Before Taking Action 

Date: April 20, 2025 


Anil Singh

ABC Company

44 Radhabazar Street

Sethia house, 7th floor

Kolkata 700001


Subject: - Breach of Contract.


Dear sir/ Madam


We had entered into a contract for Repair & Maintenance work for Park Street office i.e. around 6500 Sq ft Approx ( For Details Separate Sheet Attached) work on 13th January 2025. For the purpose of which we had   made payment tune to Rs. 9,44,486/- (Rupees Nine Lacs Forty four Thousand four hundred eighty six ) only & deposited TDS amount Rs. 9459 /- Rupees Nine Thousand four hundred Fifty nine only on above on good faith. The payment detail is given below.


On and after the payment you have started the work and left it totally incomplete. The work schedule is attached herewith. We had repeatedly requested you to complete the work and handover the complete work, but you are doing nothing. As, the payment has already been made by us to you, on good faith and belief, you had used the same for creating the breach.


We had suffered loss due to this event. We are demanding upon you to pay back the entire amount that you had received from us on account of the job contract along with banking interest within 15 days from the date of receiving of this notice else we will be forced by you to knock the appropriate forum of justice.


We are expecting your good self.


Thanking You.




For Stabnet Commercials Pvt. Ltd





Authorised Signatory




1)      Signed copy of Work order

2)      Payment Details



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