Appeal for Adjournment of Legal Case Hearing for Income Tax

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Appeal for Adjournment of legal case hearing for Income tax


To,                                                                                                                   12.06.2027

Office of the Commissioner of

Income Tax (Appeals)-I,

Basundhara Bhawan,

P-9,Grant Road

Mumbai – 400001.



                                                Ref : Appeal No. 12345/CIT                                               

Dear Sir, 

The hearing of the above appeal has been fixed before the Honorable CIT (A) – I on 12.06.2027. The fact that our Accountant is on leave and the papers to prepared and filed before the Honorable CIT (A)-I could not be compiled. Therefor an adjournment is being requested.


On such facts it is requested that an adjournment may kindly be allowed for the proper representation of the case.


Mr. Shani Das whose signature is attested herewith is authorised to do the needful for taking such adjournment.



Thanking you,                                                   -------------------------------------------------

Yours faithfully,                                     Specimen Signature of Sri Shani Das

For Amir Business Services Ltd.                                              




(Director)                                                                                 Attested



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