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Sample Template Example Complaint Letter Tips on Topics like Poor Transport Service & Rough Material Handling to Transport Manager / Company in India in word/ .doc Format

March 18, 2014

M/s Transport Corpn. of India Ltd.
14/1 JBLN Road
Nariman Point
New Delhi-125 521

Dear Sirs,

It has been observed that in spite of several follow up from our side to avoid transit damage such as scratch on our Ply Boards, still the same has not been looked after from your side seriously.

Due to negligence on the part of your employees at transshipment point at the time of unloading and loading of our boards, we suffer huge loss on account of damages and scratches.

We are narrating below the same for your better understanding:

1)      If boards are dragged at the time of unloading of materials at transshipment point, scratches will appear on the surface of Plain & Laminated Boards..

2)     You will accept that nobody in the market will buy laminated Board with scratches on its surface. If you take example of yourself, you will not buy a new dining table, computer table, office furniture or kitchen cabinet with scratches on the surface.

3)     You can raise an issue that consignment is covered under insurance company at owner risk. In this regard, please note that we are not despatching goods to our branch or directly to party for getting insurance claim. If we lodge insurance claim, the Insurance Company will settle the claim after deducting the Salvage Value. But no one in the market is ready to take the material at the salvage value calculated by the insurance company.

4)     We have also conducted a training programme for your representative at our factory to avoid transit damages but still we are not getting desired result from your side.

5)     At the time of loading at transhipment point also you must not drag our ply boards.

6)     Surface of your godown at transhipment point must be even and materials must be kept on bottom of equal heights.

7)     We are enclosing herewith an E-mail message which we have sent to our factory. Please instruct your employees at our factory that tomorrow onwards we shall follow this practice.

8)    If any transit damage is occurred in future, we shall deduct that loss from your freight bills.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



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