CA Certificate For Loan Purpose

Sample Template For Chartered Accountant Certificate for term loan due diligence for a Foreign Company under Foreign Exchange Regulations in Word Format

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The Board of Directors of M/s ABC Traders Pvt. Ltd. in its meeting held on 25th June’2019 has authorized to extend a guarantee in favour of ABC Capital Group and XYZ Capital Master Fund Limited (on a joint and several basis) along with., Shobha Developers Pvt. Ltd., KNG Resorts Limited, Anup Enterprises (New Delhi) and International India Limited upto US$ 50 million in respect of a loan facility to be granted to Rockstar Pte Ltd., Singapore.
We have checked and verified the records and relevant documents of M/s ABC Traders Pvt. Ltd. having its registered office at 45/1 J BB Road, Mumbai – 700 020 and on the basis of such verification, information and explanations received from the aforesaid company, we hereby certify that total value of the Indian Shareholder guarantee being extended on a joint and several basis together with all the previous investments and/or Loan made and guarantees proposed to be given as mentioned above (on a joint and several basis) along with the companies mentioned herein above does not exceed the limits prescribed under the Foreign Exchange Management  (Transfer or issue of any Foreign Security) Regulations 2004 as amended from time to time.

For Neetu & Co.
Chartered Accountants

(Neetu Singh)
Membership No. 014101
Place : Mumbai
Date : 26.06.2019


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