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September 12, 2013

M/s ABC Transport Organisation
14, Raj Kumar Lane
Mumbai 412 214                              Attn : Mr Sanjay Arya

Dear Sirs,

We would like to inform you that we will despatch two trucks of materials from our factory to M/s Shivalik Sales, Pathan Kot Road, Jalandhar City.

You are requested to kindly note that these materials must report to our godown first not to party. After getting approval from our representative only materials shall be delivered to party because if you deliver these materials directly to party then party may not make the payment to us. This is the condition agreed between us with the party that after arrival of truck in front of Rocket Sales Ltd.'s godown, party will make payment and our representative will instruct the driver to deliver the goods to the party in writing on our letter head.

You are also requested to kindly note that your Raipur representative should instruct driver in such a manner that driver should inform your Raipur office after arrival at Rocket Sales Ltd., Jallandhar branch's godown so that immediately your Raipur office can inform to us regarding arrival of truck at Jallandhar through your Mumbai Office.

We have already given the telephone No. and name of our representative at Jallandhar in Invoice. We are once again providing you the name of our representative and his telephone No:

Name                                           Phone No.
Mr R K Khan                        -------------------
Mr S K Jain                          -------------------

Address of RSL's godown :
Rocket Sales Ltd.
P.O. & Vill. Nurpur, Jalandhar
Godown No.20

Please ensure that instruction given above must be followed strictly otherwise we may lose payment. If you have any confusion, please contact us immediately over phone.

You are once again requested to kindly ensure that in any case your representative at Raipur should not deviate from what is mentioned hereinabove.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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