Sample Warning Letter for Carelessness

Template Letter Format for Official Warning Letter to Transporter for casual attitude in dispatch of materials in word/ .doc In India

November 24, 2013

M/s ABC Goods Transport Pvt. Ltd.
45/1 Pritam Pura
Delhi – 458 545

Dear Sirs,

We are sending herewith Fax message dtd.26.10.13 received from our Jaipur representative. It has been informed by them that our Jaipur distributor, M/s Jhanwar & Jhanwar Trading has received one truck containing material against our Invoice No.2978 dtd.17.10.13 on Saturday i.e. 24.10.13 without any tarpaulin over our material. The material was lying openly in the truck and when the material was unloaded, it was found that most of the materials are in damaged condition. The matter has been taken up with your Raipur Office as well as Mumbai office. We have also arranged discussion with the truck driver and your Raipur representative. Kindly treat this as our formal claim against loss incurred due to negligence on your part.

Another incident has also been occurred that 319 pcs against our Invoice No.2851 & 2852 both dtd.06.10.13 were received in damaged conditions as the material were unloaded someone else in between Raipur and Jaipur and then reloaded in another truck No.RJ 245G 4584. Such types of incidents are occurring on regular basis whichever materials are transshipped from Raipur. Kindly treat this letter as our formal warning & claim against the loss and same shall be recovered from your transportation bill as this is due to negligence on your part.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Encl. As above


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