Legal Notice Reply to Advocate

Sample / Template Reply Letter format to Advocate on behalf of his client claim for consultancy / Service Fees in India

June 15, 2013
Mr Rajeev Singh
45/1 K J Road, Alibag
Mumbai – 458 544

Sub : Legal Notice under section 138 of the Negotiable
         Instruments Act, 1881 as amended upto date read
         with section 420 of IPC

Dear Sir,

This has reference to your registered letter dtd.10.06.2013 on behalf of your client, Shri Anil Sen resident of 14/1 K J Road Alibag, Mumbai – 458 544. In this connection, we would like to respond as under :

1)      Shri Anil Sen has been doing a very small job pertaining to filing of Sales Tax Return and the work load was very very small.

2)  There was no contract for the services to be rendered by him and no where amount of Rs.2,00,000/- was discussed/promised and there was no written evidence. For completing the above assignment of Sales Tax Return, an amount of Rs.40,000/- for 4 quarters (Rs.10,000/- per quarter x 4 quarters) were agreed and accordingly bill was raised by him.

3)     We have not issued any Cheque of Rs.40,000/- as part payment.

4)     We have issued one Cheque No.000001 dtd.25.05.13 for Rs.40,000/- drawn on SBI in favour of Anil Sen Accounts Associates against his Bill dtd.15.05.13 towards quarterly VAT Return Charges for 4 quarters and bill was for Rs.40,000/-. The Bill has been paid in full vide aforesaid cheque.
5)   The Cheque No. 000001 dtd. 25.05.13 issued has been sent to our Mumbai for making payment to your client. Inspite of due information given to your client, Shri Anil Sen failed to collect the Cheque and the said Cheque is still lying at Mumbai Branch.

In view of the above, we would like to clarify that he has performed a very small job and for which he has raised a bill of Rs.40,000/- which appears to be on little higher side but still we accepted and made the payment. Therefore, question of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 read with section 420 of IPC does not arise and the person concerned or on behalf of him, you do not have any authorization to send any legal notice or file any suit against the company.




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