HR Minutes of Meeting Template

Sample Proposed / Draft Factory Human Resource Policy, Rules & Regulations for a Public Manufacturing Company in India


Persons present:

1)     Mr. Anil Kapoor
2)     Mr. Ajay Singh
3)     Mr. Sourav Sen
4)     Mr. Balram Jain

During the course of meeting issues pertaining to working of Factory was discussed and following points were noted:

1)      Preparation of list of employees –
(a)  Unionized workers – (i) on roll (ii) Casual
(b)  Others upto Asst Manager level
(c)   Non-workmen
(d)  Above Asst Manager level

2) Statement of average Production Quality (A, B & C) gradation for the year 2012-13 and also for the best months.

3) The rate in B & C grades should be considered on lower side by 5% and 15% of sales realization for calculation of gradation loss.

4) Gain should be divided into 3 parts towards plant/management/workmen which means 1/3 share can be distributed as an incentive to all the participating workmen/staff.

5)  Any kind of deduction should be on gross wages and not on basic wages.

6) To address the problem of overtime, we can think of making of pool of badly workers so that we can have workmen at single pay instead of double pay and thus lowering the cost (you may have to devise certain amount of guaranteed work for the badly workers in a month, may be in different departments).

7) We may think of providing the group allowance where less numbers of people are working in a particular department and gives complete production/work. For example, if 25 people are working in a department of 30 then incentive should be calculated for 30 and distributed amongst 25 which will give them extra money.

8) We have to re-look the draft incentive figures discussed this day and we can go on higher or lower side as it deems to be appropriate.

9)  We should have a statement of various grades in workmen and the amount of increase followed in the last six years.

10) Some of the allowance although provided on per month basis but the same should be paid proportionately on the basis of actual attendance. For example, the attendance allowance (new) conveyance allowance, fooding/canteen allowance or LTA can be can be put into different slab basis on attendance.

11) The list of holidays at factory provided to workmen are as follows :


Weekly off
Festival holidays
Management staff

Factory workmen

Contractual labour

12)  It has come to notice that lot of application are received for advances on various grounds such as medical, marriage etc. etc. we can chart out a policy for providing some 2/3 month salary (basic) to be deducted into 6/8 monthly installments in case of necessity on account of sickness/marriage of children etc.

13)  We can also think of providing group medical policy to all the workmen depending upon the salary and the range can be, the sum assurance of Rs.50,000/-, Rs.1,00,000/-, Rs.2,00,000/- like wise. We should talk to some insurance companies who must have or can make arrangement with the Stabnet Medical Hospital at Khapoli and our people can get the medical assistance.

14)  We may think of increasing Present component of following wages payment by 5%:
(a)  Basic, DA & other allowance
(b)  HRA or accommodation (in case of accommodation, the cost of facility of water and electricity provided to their dwelling units.)


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