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March 19, 2014

M/s Transport Corporation of India
45/1 Jeevan Lane
Mumbai – 421 125
Attn : Mr N K Prasad
Dear Sirs,

Reg : Material supplied in damage condition due to
          cover of material with torn and old tarpaulin

With reference to above, this is to inform you that we have dispatched our materials against ChallanNo. ----------, L/R No. ---------- dtd.04.03.14 having 500 pcs from our Factory at Khapoli (Mumbai) to Delhi Branch. The materials were transhipped through Truck No.--------- from Nagpur and delivered at Delhi on 12.03.17. Out of total 500 pcs, we have been informed that 300 were delivered in wet condition and they are not saleable. On enquiry the driver of the aforesaid truck has informed that due to old and torn tarpaulin same has been happened and he has acknowledged the same.

Since this is the case of total negligence and shall be taken care at the time of dispatch of the materials, you are requested to please ask your Nagpur Office to take utmost care at the time of loading/unloading of our materials. Kindly also let us inform how this has happened and take appropriate action to stop such types of incidence in future.

We are attaching herewith a Xerox copy of L/R duly acknowledged by our godown keeper and driver for your kind reference and information.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Encl. as above


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