My Best Friend Essay for kids

Sample Example of My Best Friend Simple Essay for Children in English for Grade 1, 2, 3 / Class 1 ,2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in India Free Download

I have many friends.  All of them are my good friends.  But, my best friend is Sachin.  He stays near me and is my old friend.  He came to our class from I.  He then was a shy child but he knew me.  Then he came to us asking to be his friend.

He is always helpful to me.  When I am sick and unwell he comes and helps me and also writes the notes for me.  When I am sick then he prays for my fast recovery.  When I go to his house, his mother welcomes me and we both study together.  He comes to my house if he has some problems and discuss it with me.  If he is sick I will always pray for his fast recovery.

When he comes to my house we discusses about different subjects.  He never argues with me.  If my something is wrong, then he tells me that this is wrong.

He calls me for his birthday and my friends and me gives Sachin a party.  He likes that.  He is my sincere friend.  He likes me very much.  He does not play with any bad boys.  He does not cheat anyone.  He will be a good person in the future.  If he dislikes someone he tells me.  He is loved by the teachers and others as well as my parents also like him.  He studies well.  He comes 1st in the class.  He cannot be matched with other students.  So, I like him.  When we go to picnics, we both with our friends play together.  My teacher also likes him.  He never takes tuitions from anyone.  We make camps during summer in our garden.  He has a pet dog named Robin.  He likes me very much.

When I go to Sachin’s house, Robin comes to me and licks my hand.  Then we have a cup hot tea and starts studying again.  I sometimes sleep at his house.  His mother never rebukes him or never beats him because she knows that he is a good boy.  His father is in Delhi and comes so often to his house.  His father brings something for me also.  His family is very good.  But he has breathing trouble.  Due to this he cannot swim, run or jump.  During winter it is much more so he takes medicines.  As my father is a medical representative, he gives Sachin some medicines which is useful to him.  He studies in D.P.S.  So he is studying CBSE board.  It is so hard.  But, we both study and I am studying ICSE.  We both discuss the subjects together.  As I like Mathematics much, I takes his books to study because those sums are hard and we have to work it out.  I make our skill much much more better.  He also helps me out in the equations and problems.  So I am very grateful to him.  He also helps me in other subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and E.V.S.  He is also good in Hindi, which is one of the hardest subjects.

I am very happy to have a sincere friend like Sachin.  True friends help each others at the times of danger.  False friend does not help anyone at the time of danger but when there is happiness all comes towards us acting as true friends.  So many people won’t have chances like this.  Sachin likes me very much.  I also like him very much.  He is my best friend.

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