Essay on Globalization and Pollution for Kids


Nature is the gift which God has given to man.  Man was required to use the many natural resources sustainably to ensure his survival.  And this process was taking place over several centuries.  Both man and his surroundings, i.e. the environment, were living symbiotically and hence, there was a balance in nature. 

But, from the 18th Century, the balance in nature was disturbed due to the selfish needs of man.  Man who earlier lived in nature as one of the animals soon used his superior brain to attain some comforts.  For this he began cutting trees, clearing forests and killing animals.  And this uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources continues even till today.

Now as we look around we can find our surroundings extremely dirty with pollution-levels at an all-time high.  We are also faced with the formidable phenomenon of global warming.  Due to these and many other causes many people are dying or are getting displaced.  We are also facing many natural disasters, like droughts, famines, floods, etc. whose root cause is man’s interference in the natural processes.  The floods are being caused as there are many dams being in the course of a river, thus disrupting its natural flow.  Landslides which kill and displace many people are caused when the soil becomes loose after deforestation.  Draughts are caused when the ground water is over-exploited and there is little presence of vegetation.  These activities of man though satisfy his short-term needs, adversely affect him in the long term.

We can also take the recent example of tsunami where coastal habitats were protected from the onslaught of the tsunamis by a belt of mangrove trees along the shore.  The development of an ozone hole over Antarctica is also a glaring example of the adverse effects of man’s activities.  Through the ozone hole effects of man’s activities.  Through the ozone hole the harmful ultraviolet rays come in unchecked and can cause many types of cancer in humans.

The Earth is our home and is even considered as a mother according to the customs of some tribal communities.  They are not entirely wrong as the earth provides us food, shelter and all our needs just as a mother provides a child.  But we humans return this kindness by defiling the earth with many types of pollutions in the name of development.

Now we are also facing a crisis of oil shortage which is affecting the common people also.  In short, whatever we do against nature is laws get back to us.  Even our ancestors had realized this as is evident from the teachings of the Vedas and the Upanishads.  But, it is a pity that we have not tried to learn from them as we continue to exploit nature for our selfish needs.

Now, let us imagine a world without nature.  The land there would be barren devoid of any vegetation and all the surface water would dry up as there would be no plants to prevent it.  Since there would be no plants, earth would be devoid of oxygen.  In short, human existence would be nil.  There would be no animals see.  Do we want such an earth where we would have to breathe through oxygen cylinders and wear special suits to protect us from radiation?

Many enlightened people of our world, though have decided to take steps to preserve our nature.  The result was the formation of many organizations and movements like PETA, Chipko Movement, Narmada Bachao Andolan, etc.  Protection of nature and preservation of natural resources cannot happen at once.  For this, first we have to make sure that there is prevention of any activity affecting our local environment by opposing it through demonstrations and campaigns.  Next we must pressurize our representatives in the Government to formulate laws for protecting nature and make sure that it is implemented.

Our city Mumbai  is one of the most polluted cities of the World and still the Government does not care about it as there is a plan to convert the Maidan – the ‘lungs of our city’ into a fairground for some months of the year.  We can organize protests and signature campaigns as students to save the largest patch of greenery in our city.

So from now on that we belong to nature and nature does not belong to us and take considerable measures to protect it.  Only then can we expect that humans will survive.


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