Essay on Friendship for Kids & Students in English


Friends are those who always keep us a helpful person.  There is a proverb as “Friends in need are friends indeed”.  Actually, this proverb is absolutely true.  Friends are always kind, polite and lovingful and helpful too.  To search for a true friend is a very difficult job.  There may be one such true friend in hundreds of people.  Almost everyone have friends.

I too have friends.  They are Raj and Amar.  They are my best friends.  Raj is a very studious boy.  He is also good for behaviour.  Amar, though he is not a studious boy like Raj, he is good for his behaviour.  I believe in my friends and I know they are true friends.  I am lucky that I did not have any difficulty in searching for true friends.  I had never had any difficulty with them as they are my friends.  They are always very good to me and they have all the good things in their character which a friend should have.  We are always very matchful with our likes and dislikes.  They make my every difficult situation easier.  Though they are my competitors, I always wish for their success.  We always co-operate with each other.  They always share their happy and sad news with me.  We are always together and make things better wherever we go.  Whenever I go for a tour or to visit places, I never forget my friends to invite them.  I love them very much because they are my best and true friends.  I will never like to separate from them.

A friend has to be good in character.  Many of us are followed by the character of our friends.  Some lead us to the wrong way while some others lead us in the right way.  I believe that I am going through the right way because my friends have many good qualities in character.


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