How to Remove Background Image from Blogger Templates

Remove / Hide the White / Image Background from Blogspot Templates:-

All the Simple default themes of Blogger Templates have some background Image / Space behind the Layout.. This space is useless as you can not place your contains / ads here. Also if you are using an wider blogger template, your visitors will have to scroll from left to right to see all your contains ( Ads at the right hand Top Corner).

Almost all the Professional Bloggers have remove background Image from their blog to maximize the usability of the their blog space. Here you can get he simple steps to do the same in you blog.

Step 1:-

Login to your Blogger Account-> Goto your Blog "Design" -> Click on "Edit HTML" -> Tick on "Expand Widget Templates"

Step 2 :-

Find:- <Variable name="content.shadow.spread" in Coding (Copy ->Control F -> Control V & Enter).

Step 3:-

In Its attribute Fields you may get something Like "default=40px" & "value=40px"

Change The Value of "Default" & "Value" to 5PX,

& Save the Template.

Now Check your Blog. The background Image / White Space has gone.

Please Share, If you find it Useful.


  1. Thank you i used this trick on my blog

  2. Thanks Neetu. It worked for me.- Aatish