Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) in SAP FICO T Code - FF67

How To Configure Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) in SAP

Transcation Code - FF67 

Go to Setting>Specification 

Tick Select Int.Bank Determine, Import Advice, Transfer Value Date then Enter & Fill
  • Company Code: 1000 (Your Company Code) 
  • House Bank : SBI1 ( Your House Bank )
  • Account ID :  100245 ( Bank ID No)
  • Statement Number : Your Bank statement No
  • Statement Date : Bank Statement Date
  • Op. Balance: Op. Bal. of Bank Statement
  • Cl.Balance: Cl. Balance of Bank Statement
  • Posting Date: date of which document post
Select “Bank Posting Only”  then Enter & Save. 

Now go to Bank Statement -> Post 
-> Individual Statement.

When any errors then go to via command FEBA and put House Bank, Bank A/c ID, Settlement Number: 01, Settlement Date : 13.06.12, Posting Area : G/L Account.

Create Bank Key Via Transaction Code FI01

Put Bank Country & Bank Key then Press Enter,

Fill Bank Name, Region, Street, City & Bank Branch then Save.

Create Bank Ledger via Transaction Code : FS00

Fill House Bank & Account ID then SAVE


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