How to Remove/Hide blogger header from blog

Remove / Hide blogger header from Blogspot templates:-

The inbuild Header which comes with the blogger template is normally very wide. I you want to reduce the size of the Header & place your Google Adsense Ads beside it, you should have a very good knowledge of CSS coding.

There is another trick to do the same in few simple steps. By following Trick first you need to remove Header from your template & then through "Add a Gadget" ( Design-> Page Element ) insert an HTML/JavaScript Gadget in place of Header & then through Simple Java Codes define the size of the New Header & insert your Ads beside it.
Step 1:-

Login to your Blogger Account-> Goto your Blog "Design" -> Click on "Edit HTML" -> Tick on "Expand Widget Templates"

Step 2 :-

Find:- .header-outer   in Coding (Copy ->Control F -> Control V & Enter).

Step 3:-

In Its attribute fields you may get something Like _background-image: none;

Just Below this Paste  display:none; /

Save the Template.

Now Check your Blog. The Header of your Blog is gone.

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