Harsh And Brutal Complaint Letter for Raising False Invoices & Claims

Sample Template Example of Letter / Email Informing for Raising Vague, Incorrect & Intentionally Very High Value Bills to Supplier / Vendor / Contractor in word / doc Format Free Download

To                                                                                                                                          17.08.2022    

Vendor / Supplier / Contractor Name

His / Her  Address


Dear Mr / Ms -----------,


We are very disappointed & disheartened to see your highly inflated, baseless & vague bills. You have fraudulently charged unimaginable higher amount in your bills to make malicious gains and to deceive us. 


It looks like you have intentionally charged such highly inflated amounts so that we would pursue you to negotiate on it & even if we agree to pay you 30% -40% of the inflated bill amount; it would result into a highly profitable negotiation for you.


As shared with you earlier, we have already evaluated your works as per the earlier discussions with you & with sheer generosity we have agreed to accept a total billing of Rs 5,00,000/-  against all your services rendered. Further kindly note that upon your request we had already paid you an advance of Rs 7,00,000/-. So we will request you to adjust our balance advance payment of Rs 2,00,000/-  with your all past claims of Rs 1,00,000/- & refund our balance amount of Rs 1,00,000/- along with layout copies of your past work designs.   


Regarding Roof door, please note that on your recommendation, we have appointed ABC Ltd  to install folding cum sliding door in our Roof area. Upon our rigorous follow-ups after making full payment, the materials we delivered to us after 6.00 months of time & after 30-40 days of installation work, ABC Ltd people told us that our Roof section is not suitable for such type of sliding door & this should have been identified at the time of first inspection. Now they can’t do anything, so they have just fitted the door & advised us not to use it as it may fall anytime. Despite having expressed our concerns to you in this matter on several occasions, there has not been any attempt on your part to resolve the matter. In this process we have incurred a loss of Rs 10,00,000/- for which we have held 50,000/- payment from your consultancy fees for Roof work. Even if today you discuss with ABC Ltd. & resolved this issue, we will be very happy to release Rs 50,000/- payment.


Looking forward to hear from you.


Thanks & Regards


Purchase Manager

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