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Sample Template Example of Excellent Professional Letter / mail for Solving Technical Problems to Technical Support Team / System Administrator in Word Format

Dear Alex,

As per the process the compound which has been manufactured is entered first in SAP and then the other steps follows it. In that way, if we do not manufacture the planned number of tyres for which compound has been made, the consumption for the materials will be high in SAP. Say if we have planned to manufacture 50000 tyres and for that 20000 Kgs of Carbon is required, the entire carbon will be consumed in the first stage only. If the production at the later stage get hampered due to shortage of fabric, bead wire, antacid agent, etc the consumption of these materials will not come in SAP because 50000 tyres have not been produced whereas on say 25000 tyres are produced. This is one problem.

Another problem is that when I compared the consumption of 24th feb and 25th feb with the actual no. of tyres produced and the consumption calculated as per the norms, I found the difference is there in case of each material. But my ultimate aim to find out that the consumption is coming incorrect only because of Tube production incorrect consumption or not failed as you have also done the entries for the Tube compound for 25th Feb. It was clearly stated in my message yesterday evening which was later confirmed by you as well.

Please complete the Tube confirmation of 25th today itself.

Kindly only do the entries related to tyres for the production of 27th Feb tomorrow right from the first step to last step of tyres manufactured. Please donot do the entry of Tubes. Please drop me an email and whatsapp when it is completed.

Monday morning I will first take the data from SAP then only you pass the entries for 27th Tube production and 28th Feb Tyre and Tube Production.

Neetu Singh


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