Demand Promissory Note Format For Loan

Sample Template Example of Professional Demand Promissory Note Format Issued By a Company / Person To Bank For Loan & Interest in India in English Word / Doc / Pdf Free Download

Rs. 50,00,000/-

ON DEMAND, We, Stabnet Commercials Pvt. Ltd., having registered/corporate address at 78, Park Street, 21st Floor, Kolkata - 700001, promise to pay to Bajaj Capital Ltd. or its order the principal sum of Rs. 50,00,000/- (Rupees Fifty Lakhs only) together with interest from the date hereof, at 14% percent per annum exclusive of interest tax or such other rate the Bank may fix from time to time, payable with monthly rests, for value received.

For Stabnet Commercials Pvt. Ltd
Rs. 1/-

Place:Kolkata                                                                                                     Date:23.01.2018 

Authorised Signatory
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the common seal of Stabnet Commercials Pvt. Ltd. has been hereunto affixed on 23.01.2018] first hereinabove mentioned at Mumbai.

The Common Seal of Stabnet Commercials Pvt. Ltd, has               )                               
been affixed hereunto pursuant to the Resolution of                     )             
Board of Directors dated [             ] in presence of                             )

1.                                                                                                            )

2.                                                                                                            )

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