Declaration Letter For Loan in Word Format

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      Declaration Form by the Borrower for Loans Upto INR 5 Crores

Date: 05/04/2018            
Name of the company:  ARATI  PRIVATE  LIMITED

Purpose for which loan is taken:   Working Capital


ARATI  PRIVATE  LIMITED has applied / received a loan of INR  8000000 /- from Tata Still Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Lender”) on 05/04/2015 (dd/mm/yy) ARATI  PRIVATE  LIMITED declares that utilization of the loan received from the lender, for the said purpose, ARATI  PRIVATE LIMITED will be in compliance with the applicable State and National level Environmental, Health, Safety and Social (EHSS) Regulations.

I/ we will also ensure compliance with any amendments in the existing EHSS regulations during the lending period.

In the event of default in compliance with respect to EHSS regulations, the Religare Finvest Limited reserves the right to recall the loan amount from ARATI  PRIVATE  LIMITED

Name of the company: ARATI  PRIVATE  LIMITED      

Signature:        __________________________                                                     

Name of the authorized Signatory: ARATI PRIVATE LIMITED                

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