Cheque Bounce Legal Action Letter

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Legal Action Intimation Letter to Customer After Cheque Return For Two Times due to Insufficient Fund in Bank Account

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 2016]

John Smith
XYZ Inc.
1234 First Street
Suite 567
Anycity, Anystate  85245]

Dear [NAME, ex. John Smith],

Reluctantly, I am writing to you regarding an unfortunate situation--after two unsuccessful attempts to deposit your checks, we have not heard from you.  Since I understand that your good credit rating is important to you, I am hesitant to take any actions which may blemish it.

However, I will be left with no choice but to forward your account to a credit agency or commence legal actions if I do not hear from you within the next three business days.  I am sure that this matter can be easily redressed in a mutually-agreeable manner if you get in touch with me at XXX-XXXX.

I am looking forward to talking to you so that we may avoid further embarrassments and frustrations.


[YOUR NAME, ex. Jill Jones]

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