Retirement Policy of a company

Sample / Template / Example of HR Employee Retirement Policy in India


Retirement Policy
1. Scope:-

The policy applies to all directly employed staff of Rocket Sales Ltd.

2. Retirement Ages:-

For the purposes of this policy, unless otherwise agreed, retirement age of the employees will be as below:

Workers - 58yrs 

Officers upto AVP – 58yrs
Vice Presidents - 60yrs
Joint Presidents – 63yrs
Presidents - 65yrs

2.1 Other reasons for retirement:

Retirement due to ill health - Applies when an employee is unable to carry out his/her duties due to permanent ill health, and other suitable alternative employment is not available in RSL. 

3. Preparation for Retirement 

RSL recognizes that as employees approach retirement, there may be several matters that concern them such as employment, finance, health. Preparation for retirement should ensure that employees are supported, during this period of change and in planning for the future, to enable an enjoyable retirement.

Dated – 04.04.2014                                                                           Amit Jain 
                                                                                                           President - HR


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