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Sample Template Example of Advertisement Letter to News Papers / TV For Company's New Product Launch in Market in Word / Doc / Pdf Free Download


[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 2014]


[BRIEFLY STATE PRODUCT NAME AND ITS CONSUMER FUNCTION IN ONE SENTENCE, ex. The Magnaflux A3 compressor provides double the throughput at half the price of conventional refrigeration compressors.]

[FIRM, ex. Compress Industries] is proud to introduce the new [PRODUCT, ex. Magnaflux A3 compressor] as an addition to its product line.  [STATE TARGET CONSUMER, AND HOW THE PRODUCT MAY BENEFIT THEM, ex. Designed for use in cooling devices such as refrigerators and air conditioners, the A3 offers manufacturers a significantly cheaper alternative to conventional compressors.]  {STATE HISTORY, ex. The new A3 compressor represents a natural evolution of the A2 compressor, introduced over three years ago, which quickly became the industry standard because of its exceptional longevity and efficiency.}

[STATE SIGNIFICANT FEATURES, ex. By utilizing lighter and more durable ceramic components, the A3 is able to provide almost twice the airflow of other compressors in its class.  Furthermore, the unconventionally compact design and consequent reduction in material enables the A3 to be priced 50% cheaper than competing compressors.]

For more information on the [PRODUCT, ex. Magnaflux A3 compressor], contact [FIRM, ex, Compress Industries] at [ADDRESS / TELEPHONE NUMBER, ex. 5244 First Street, Uptown, CA, 94982, 1-800-555-8421.]

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