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BY THIS POWER OF ATTORNEY executed on ….. day of June, 2013 at Ahmedabad I, ROCKET SALES LIMITED. A public Limited Company incorporated under the Company Act. 1956 on 19th August, 1992 under registration No.4581/1992-93 through its Auduorised Signatory / Director ----------------------------- having its registered Office at Khapoli, P.O. & Dist. Navi Mumbai, Pin-456 621, Maharashtra SEND GREETINGS:-
1.     WHEREAS I am owner of immovable property bearing Office No.---------, admeasuring -------- Sq.Ft. (build up area) on ----------- Floor in the building known as “-----------------T, situated on land bearing T.P. Scheme No. --- (--------), Final Plot No.--- paiki Sub Plot No. ---- situated lying and being at ---------- City, District Ahmedabad and Sub-District Ahmedabad-1 (Paldi). The said office is hereinafter referred to as “The Said property”.

2.     AND WHEREAS I am unable to attend and execute Deed of Conveyance Deed in respect of my said property as a capacity of authorised signatory / director and to do all other acts, deeds, things, matters of and incidental to Deed of Conveyance of the said property. I am desirous of appointing some fit and proper person at Ahmedabad to be my true and lawful attorney for me and in company’s name with power authority hereunder specified in relation to the said property.
3.     NOW KNOW AND THESE PRESENTS WITNESSES THAT, I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint AMIR SHARMA, adult, Indian Inhabitant, Residing at ---------------------------------, INDIA (hereinafter referred to us “the said Attorney”) as may true and lawful attorney for me and on my behalf to do following acts, regarding the gift of my above said property.

A.      To sign to execute the Deed of Conveyance affidavit and or any document or documents in respect of the said property as may be deemed necessary and also to apply to the complete for the Deed of Conveyance in respect of the said property under any law/act or acts, in force and to appear before and appropriate registration authority  for registration of the said Deed of Conveyance at Ahmedabad or at any other place or places whether the same may be lodged for registration and to take steps for lodged for registration and to take steps for lodging the same deeds, documents in respect of the said document/documents related to the said property according to law.
B.      To sign and execute Deed of Conveyance and instruments regarding the Lease of my said property before sub-registrar at Ahmedabad and/or competent authority on my behalf and as my attorney.
C.     In the board or directors meeting held on ……….. and the company has passed resolution to sign and execute this document as an authorised signatory/director on behalf of executant for the Company.
D.       And generally to do all acts, deeds and things in relation of the said property for me and on my behalf and to execute, do and perform Deed of Conveyance matters and things fully and effectually in all respects as I can if I personally present and I declare that all other deeds maters and things which shall be any time the said attorney may execute give or to do for the aforesaid purposes shall be good and effectually to intentions and purposes whatsoever as if the same has been signed delivered given, made or done by me in proper person and I hereby undertake at any time to rectify and confirm whatsoever our said attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done concerning the said property by virtue of these presents.
E.      By this Power of Attorney the Possession of the said property will not handover to power of attorney holder and not any right to receive the consideration amount.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I HAVE hereunto set my hands at AHMEDABAD aforesaid this …….. day of JUNE, 2013.


through its

Authorised Signatory/Director

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