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Dear All,

We are going to start the Pest Control treatment for Cockroach, Rodent & Mosquito from basement to terrace at Lumia Centre from 25/08/2014.

The schedule are as follows:

Pest Control Service
25th Aug 2014
12:00 PM Onwards
Cockroach & Mosquito
28th Aug 2014
11:00 AM

Rodent Treatment: The Rodent Service will be carried out on 25th Aug 2014 by placing Glue boards or Bait boxes at the strategic positions. Bromodilone cakes to be used where they are found more frequently. They will be placed at both inside & outside of the building premises. Inside the building premises these are kept in Pantry, Toilets & most frequently seen areas.

All of you are requested not to touch or remove such things as they are poisonous items.

After 24 hours of the service, the pest control provider will inspect the result & will remove any rats found dead.

Cockroach & Mosquito: The Cockroach & Mosquito Service will be carried out on Sunday i.e. 28th Aug 2014. For Cockroach, treatment to be carried out in the toilets, washrooms, staircase along with the wall floor junctions of the rooms. Gel is to be applied in the each employee’s desks, cabinets, drawers, lockers, kitchens / pantry, bookshelves etc. Dusting to be carried out in the crack and crevices of the building. For Mosquito, anti-larval spray to be carried on stagnant water to kill mosquitoes at its larva stage only. Spray to be carried on stagnant water like on vases, drums etc.
Employees can leave their desk & computer as they do on regular basis.

Note: We have concrete information and evidence that most of the employees are of the habit of placing their pieces of food i.e. biscuits etc. around their workstations. This is the cause of cockroach, rats, etc. These are various sources of pest and insects. So, we are requesting everyone to maintain a healthy office environment and demonstrate self-discipline. If this practice continues then Administration Department will not be able to rectify the problems of pests at Lumia Centre.

Admin. Department,

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