Probation Evaluation Form

Free Download Sample Template Example of Employee Probation Period Confirmation / Company Process Completion Assessment Letter Format in word / .doc / .Pdf / .Excel Sheet in India

Every one of us has sometime started our career as Management Trainee & worked for some time under provision. Normally every company sets a probation period of 6 Months for its new employee but it may vary from 3 months to 1 year. If an employee leaves the company withing his probation period normally he is not required to serve any notice period & vice-versa if company terminates it employee within his probation period it is not liable to pay for any notice period.

Based on the performance of the new employee during his probation period he can be confirmed as a permanent employee of the company. Companies normally keeps the right to extend the probation period of its new employee.

In today's competitive market its a prime job of HR department to proper evaluation of probation period of its employee. Biased or incorrect probation period evaluation may leads to a higher employee dissatisfaction & results into higher employee attraction. 

Here you can get a professional employee probation period performance assessment sheet. You must download  this useful format in word from below.

Download Employee Probation Evaluation Format


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