Leave Application Form Format

Sample Template Example of Office / Company Leave Application Request Form Letter for illness / Brother Marriage / urgent work etc in word / .doc format in India 

Every Company must have a process for sanctioning of their employee leave through his of her HOD. The reason & duration of leave should be documented & approved by departmental head. 

The leave application form should contain the name of the substitute employee who will look after the jobs of employee who is requesting for leave.  The format should also contain the nature of leave ( PL / SL / CL) applied for & employee leave balance. 

Normally there is no restriction on number of PL (Paid Leave) which can be allowed to an employee within his PL leave Balance. SL ( Sick Leave ) should only be allowed if proper medical support has been submitted along with leave application. Normally in most of the companies a maximum 3 CL ( Casual Leave) can be allowed at once.

I have prepared a simple & useful Leave Application Form. You can download this format from below link. Please comment for any query.


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