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Form of application for seeking information
Under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

                                                                                       I.D. No
                                                                                                         (For official use)
The Public information Officer 
PIN: ________________________


1. Whether ETHANOL is covered under the definition and meaning of intoxicating drug directly or on the strength of any notification? 

2. a) If it is covered on the strength of notification please confirm whether any state excise, license fee, permit fee or any other tax of fee in charged on the same.
b) The nature of taxes and fees charged on the ETHANOL by the Stat Govt. and their rates.

3. Whether there is any restriction on its movement from the state to outside or for its entry into the state from other state?

4. Can it be done as a de-natured spirit or ethylated spirit without addition of the spirit?

5. Is it potable?

6. Whether its storage, vending and movement in the State subject to supervision?

7. From whom vending fee is charged. Whether the vending fee is charged on the vending of ETHANOL or ethylated spirit from the licensed vendors who put it for retail sale and the purpose for which it is spoke to sale?

8. Whether it is intoxicating liquor. If so can it be used as a substitute for potable liquor?

9. The amount of approx. total revenue collected under different heads i.e., in the form of taxes and fees in last three financial years i.e., 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14 on denatured spirit and ethylated liquor and the amount is spent for the purpose of supervision and other activities connected with denatured spirit and ethylated.

Signature of the Applicant


RTI Application Letter in word Format


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