Material Replacement Letter Format

Sample Template Example of Complaint Letter for Poor Quality Material supplied & Request for Replacement at the earliest in word/ .doc

October 21, 2013

M/s Jain Paper Corporation
14/1 Palika Bajar
New Delhi – 120 121

Dear Sir,

Reg : White Base Printing Paper

Ref : Our Purchase Order No.8450000012 dtd.16.08.13
         Your Invoice No.214501 dtd.30.08.13 and
         LR No.254157 dtd.24.08.13

With reference to above, this is to inform you that 4210.00 Kgs (10 reels) of subject material was supplied to us. Out of these 10 reels, we have consumed 1 reel without any complaint but while using the other reels; we have found that after Press Printing fine lines are clearly visible in the papers. This is a clear case of manufacturing defects in paper. Sample of defective paper in length of about 10 ft in full width is being sent to you along with this letter for your technical evaluation.

This is the first time we have received such type of complaint which is very serious. It is needless to mention that we are not using other remaining materials and hence we are unable to cater the requirement of our valued customers for the reason explained to you.

Therefore you are requested to replace remaining materials immediately so that we can supply our books in the market.

Awaiting your immediate reply.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales LTD.

Neetu Singh
G.M. – Purchase

Encl. As above

Material Replacement Letter Format in Word


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