Warning Letter for Cheating

Sample Template Example of Polite Warning Letter to Transporter for unethical business practices in word/.doc Format in India

March 9, 2014

M/s ABC Carriers ( P) Ltd.
14/1 S K Road, Ananthpur
Raipur – 492 005
Attn : Shri S K Singh
Dear Sirs,

This is with reference to your Bill No. ABCC/RSL/208 dtd. 15.06.13 for Rs.61,859/- for the despatch the materials from Khapoli to Delhi. This bill has been raised against your L/R No.54456, 54457 & 54458 all dtd. 29.05.13. You have submitted this bill on 30.06.13 but we have returned this bill as 100 pcs short supplied against Consignment Note No.54456 & 100 pcs in Consignment Note No.54457.

You have also not submitted the short certificate against this short supply. On 09.01.14 you have re-submitted this bill by manipulating quantity in Consignment Note No.54456 and same has been shown to your Mumbai representative also and he has spoken to you in front of us regarding the same. Today we have received one fax of yours from our Delhi office in which you have mentioned that the original L/R has been misplaced by you and requested the party to give duplicate acknowledgement against the same. We are enclosing the said letter for your information.

We cannot understand when the original L/R has been submitted to us along with the bill and bill is lying with you how can a letter has been issued to party asking them to give duplicate acknowledgement. It seems that it becomes a regular practice of your company to obtain duplicate acknowledgements against the consignment particularly against those consignments in which major faults like shortage, damages has been occurred.

You are requested to kindly ask your concerned department to be strict to obtain the original acknowledgement from the driver otherwise we cannot make any payment against your bill submitted with duplicate acknowledgement.

Kindly look into the matter and inform us how such type of incidence are occurred on regular basis. Sometime back we have also shown one incidence regarding shortage wherein your representative had put the white ink over the remark of shortage as mentioned on L/R.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Encl. As above


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