Overriding Commission Agreement

Sample Template Example of Overriding Commission Contract Letter Format between a Manufacturing company & A Dealer/ Distributor/ Broker / Commission Agent on Project Sales in India in word/ .doc

August 9, 2013

M/s ABC Corporation
14/1 Nerul Road
Mumbai - 400056

Kind Attn : Mr. Deepak Jain
Dear Sirs,

Sub : Over Riding Commission for Project in Navi Mumbai

This has reference to the above-mentioned project for Pre-laminated Particle Board in the thickness of 16mm in different shades. Please note that we agree to pay you commission for the said project under the terms & conditions herein given below:-
a) We shall pay you a sum of Rs.5,04,000.00 (Rupees Five Lac Four Thousand only). We shall deduct necessary Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) from the said amount & issue requisite certificate for the same. 

b) We have committed the above mentioned commission amount subject to the offtake of 504000 Sqr.ft. of 16mm Pre-laminated Particle Boards in various sizes i.e. 8'x 4', 6' x 4' and 4' x 2'. Sizes are subject to availability. 

c) Materials shall be supplied to M/s Anil Rao. 

d) Payment term is against delivery 

e) Mode of Disbursement of Commission :~ 

The total supply as mentioned above is 4,04,000 sqft & we shall divide the same into 4 (Four) equal phases & the commission shall be payable after the completion of each phase provided the payments and necessary Sales Tax Form have been received from M/s. Anil Rao :

  • Phase 1 : After the completion of 1,26,000 Sqft 
  • Phase 2 : After the completion of 1,26,000 Sqft 
  • Phase 3 : After the completion of 1,26,000 Sqft 
  • FINAL Phase : After the completion of the balance quantity of 1,26,000 Sqft.

f) Any decrease in the quantity mentioned above and rates mentioned below, your commission shall liable to reduce proportionately.

g) The agreed rates at which the supplies shall be made are as under :~
  • Lamination 16mm 8'x 4, 6'x 4' : Rs.50.36 per Sqr.ft. + tax
  • Lamination 16mm 4'x2' : Rs.55.80 per Sqr.ft. + tax
  • Lamination 16mm (Cross Grain) : Rs.45.80 per Sqr.ft. + tax
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Ltd.

Neetu Singh 

GM – Commercials


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