Offer Rejection Letter Format

Sample Template Example of No Quote Letter from a Consultancy Service Company in Indian for not Accepting Project at present in word/ .doc Format

July 18, 2014

Ms Neetu Singh
GM – Strategy
Rocket Sales Ltd
14/1 N S Road
Mumbai – 415454

Sub: Offer for advisory services for your CDM project

Dear Sir

This has reference to your letter dated June 29, 2014 regarding our offer for advisory services for developing and documentation of CDM project.

In this regard we would like to intimate you that there is no methodology or guidelines currently available for developing forestry projects. In absence of an approved methodology we would require to first propose a new methodology and submit CDM-EB for approval. Its a cumbersome job to develop a methodology and get it approved. It would require lot of expertise and experience to develop a methodology for this kind of projects. Therefore, after assessing all such technical difficulties we may not be able to submit our offer at the moment for advisory services for your project.

The working group for forestry projects has been formed recently who are dedicated to work out relevant guidelines and methodology for this kind of projects. The group is meeting shortly but we can not expect the outcome in less than a year. We would therefore suggest you to wait till such guidelines and methodology are issued.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully
For ABC Consultancy Services

(Authorised Signatory)


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