Warning Letter to Sales Manager

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Ref: RSL/2013-14/013         
Date : January 15, 2014

Mr Arun Raj
Manager (Mktg.)
RSL- New Delhi

Dear Mr Arun Raj

It has been observed that sales in New Delhi for the past few months have decreased as mentioned below :


September 2013
October 2013
November 2013
December 2013

The target for New Delhi was Rs.400.00 Lacs against which particularly in last 3 months the sales have gone down substantially below 50% and it is a big concern. You have been repeatedly advised to improve but whatever efforts put up by you are not visible.

The management has decided to restructure the working and accordingly Mr Anil Sen will be joining very shortly as Branch Manager at New Delhi. He will be responsible for business in New Delhi.

In view of above, you are being advised to explore good business prospect in Haryana under CST sales and also to explore new business in New Delhi (where presently we are not having any business). We expect business worth of Rs.200.00 lacs from you per month.

Meanwhile you are being further advised to give your support to Anil Sen.



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