Warning Letter for Absenteeism

How to write / Sample / Template/ Example for Corporate Final Warning Letter to employee for absent without intimation, information or Notice in word/ .doc Format

August 19, 2013

Mr. Anil Basu
45 Jessi Road
5th Floor, Arun Apartment
Cochin – 358 545

Dear Anil,

Sub: Extension of Leave without prior notice

                This is in reference to your leave application dated 17th July, 2013 from 17/07/2012 to 24/07/2012. However, the management has noted that neither you have resumed your duties till date nor you have intimated a valid reason for your unathourised absence. Please refer to our Company’s Policies and Rules regarding Attendance and Leave and we would like to draw your attention to Clause 3(b) of your appointment letter which says “Your absence for continuous period of 10 (ten) days (inclusive of absence when leave, though applied for, is not granted or when you overstay for more than 10 (ten) consecutive days would entail automatic loss of your job without any notice or intimation by the Management.

                   In view of above you are hereby instructed to resume your duties with immediate effect failing upon which the Management will have no other alternative apart from terminating your service. 

Yours faithfully,



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