Termination Letter Absenteeism

Sample / Template / Example of Warning Letter / Office Oder for Abandonment of employment due to absent / absence without leave / work / without notice to employee from employer in word / .doc Format

April 30, 2013
Regd. With A/D / Speed Post

Mr. Naveen Jaiswal

14/1 A, T N Road
New Delhi – 125 458

Dear Sir,

As a measure of cost cutting exercise in view of recurring losses, amongst other measures, our rented office at Connaught Place, with which you were attached was closed from March 2013, being not necessary. Since then no other office has been rented at or near Delhi or is required by us in near future. You being attached with office and the office being closed, there is no necessity of your services. However, to mitigate your financial losses and to continue your employments you were offered alternative works at factory of the company at Noida and accordingly were asked vide our letter dtd.21.02.13 to report for duty at factory w.e.f. 01.04.2013. Due to your bad health and family problem, you requested to grant time to prepare yourself and your family to shift your establishment and to accommodate for the same, you were asked to proceed on leave as there was no work left for you. Even thereafter getting no response from you, vide our letter dtd.15.03.13, you were again asked to report for duty at factory. Vide your letter dtd.21.03.13, you informed us that due to detection of stone in your gall bladder, the Doctor has suggested for immediate operation of the same and also due to your father’s illness, you wanted some more time as also advance of funds for meeting such expenses and informed that you shall be joining the duties at factory, thereafter.

Looking to your predicament as stated in your letter and relying on the same the management was kind enough to consider your leave as also paid advance salary for the month of April’12 to take care of your financial crisis. Thereafter, as no communication was received from you even after expiry of your leave upto 20.04.11, to take care of the difficulties stated above, you were required to come clean. Vide your letter dtd.27.03.13, the copy of which is enclosed, you have reiterated the above difficulties and have stated that you are still suffering from stone in gall bladder in hernia (when the stone in gall bladder was to be operated long before) and also having severe pain in stomach, apart from illness of your father and that you are not in a position to go to Noida till you recovered fully.

It may be noted that relying on your statements the management has offered you sufficient time and opportunity to report at factory. It may also be noted that there is no work for you at Delhi which will be clear from the fact that no other person has been appointed in your place either whole time or part time and as you are not in a position due to continue ill health to discharge your duties, the management cannot continue you on the rolls in view of your continued illness as informed in your letters from time to time.

You are, therefore, given the last chance to join the duties at Noida within one month from the date of receipt of this letter as notice without pay as there are no paid leave due to your credit or otherwise your services will be terminated, as we have no work for you and as stated above on account of your continued ill health and your father’s ill health, you are not going to join duties at factory in near future.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



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