Sample Warning Letter for Absent Without Notice

Template / Example/ Format for Jobs Termination Notice letter for absenteeism / absence from employer to employee for joining his employment in 7 days.

December 27, 2013

Mr. Kiran Khan
154/1 A L T Road
New Delhi – 458 787

Mr. Khan,

This has reference to your letter dated 31.10.2013 received by us on 04.11.2013 in connection with letter of transfer dtd. 21.09.2013 issued to you for joining duty at our factory at Noida.

You have mentioned about your father illness as well as your own health condition and requested for extension of leave which you have already availed from 01/09/2013 to 30/11/2013 and also requested for some advance.

In view of the above looking to your financial difficulties we have considered your leave and also paid salary for the month of October and November,2013 to take care of financial crisis.

You have been transferred to factory for performing duty at factory therefore, you cannot be granted leave for indefinite period and it has become necessary on your part to join duty at the earliest at our factory.

In case we do not hear anything from you within 7 days on receipt of this letter we shall consider that you have no more interest in serving the organization and your case will be dealt accordingly.

This is noted that you have been on leave from 01.09.2013 till 30.11.2013 which has been provided to you.

During the month of December,2013 there is no communication from you and therefore leave cannot  be granted and salary will be processed accordingly.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



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