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THIS DEED OF LICENCE is made this 25th day of July, 2013 BETWEEN M/S ABC Corporation, a Proprietorship concern having its office at _______________________________________ (hereinafter called the Licensor) A N D M/S ROCKET SALES CORPORATION LTD., a Company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act,1956 and represented by its Directors/Authorised Signatories to this Agreement having its Head Office at "___________________________________________ (hereinafter called to as the Licencee)

W H E R E A S the Licencee being in need of a godown of 1400 (One thousand four hundred) Square Feet approximately be a little more or less by an estimation more fully described in the Schedule hereunder written  for the purpose of using the same as their office and godown situated at Premises _________________________________________, for a period of 36 (thirty six) months. Now, it is hereby expressedly agreed and declared by and between the parties hereto as follows :

1.    That the Licensor having considered the request of Licencee agreed to grant Licence for a period of 36 months - from the date of delivering possession of the space as hereinbefore mentioned for the purpose stated as aforesaid.

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- 2 -

2.    That the Licencee, shall in consideration of such accommodation pay to the Licensor Rs.16,500/- (Rupees Sixteen thousand five hundred only) as charges for accommodation per month payable within 7 (seven) days of the current month till this Agreement is subsisting or sooner determination and/or revocation of this Agreement. This Licencee shall use both, privy and corporation Tap Water in common with others. Licensor shall provide a point 6(six) point of Electrcity free of cost to the Licencee. The Licensor doth hereby agrees and admits receipt of Licencee fee for the period from 10.07.2013 to 09.07.2016. That the Licensor delivered possession of the space so granted upon Licence to the Licencee on 1st August, 2013.

3.    The Licencee during the period as aforesaid shall not make any substantial addition or alteration and/or modification of the space so granted on Licence without the knowledge and/or written consent of the Licensor that the Licencee at this own cost shall make petty repairing and/or annual White-washing.

4.    That the Licencee shall make at his own cost interior decoration of the space so granted upon Licence by such means or methods which must not be in any way amounts to permanent construction but may keep furniture etc. as required for running of a office/godown. But the Licencee shall remove such Interior-decoration and/or furniture and fittings at his own costs on expiry of the period of Licence or earlier revocation thereof and the Licencee at his own cost repairs all the damages, if any cause to the space provided and/or granted upon Licence.

5.    That the Licencee shall use the space so granted upon Licence for the period stated above only for office use and godown use but not for any other purpose other than the purpose stated above.

6.    That the Licencee shall not keep any combustible articles and/or substances and/or any such thing prohibited by law and not shall do and/or cause to do any such things which may cause - annoyance to others  in the space provided under Licence nor shall do and/or cause to do any act of nuisance in the space so provided under Licence.

7.     That the Licencee shall not transfer/assign/sublet or under-let any portion of the space so granted upon Licencee to others during the period as aforesaid without the consent of the Licensor.

8.    That the Licensor at the request of the Licencee shall make arrangements to relax the time limit of agrees and ingress to the godown as per mutual understanding.

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- 3 -

9.    That the Licence may be cancelled on the breach of any one of the conditions hereinbefore mentioned at the option of the Licensor by giving the Licencee a written notice of 1 (one) month.

10.  That the Licencee shall not in any way construe this agreement as Tenancy Agreement or Lease nor otherwise creating any other right title and interest in the space granted upon Licence for the period as aforesaid.

11.  That the Licencee shall on expiry of the period of 36 (Thirty six) months and Licence granted or earlier revocation thereof surrender the space so granted by this Agreement to the Licensor.

12.  Renewal of this Agreement is subject to Licencee's performance/observance of the conditions mentioned herein and at the entire discretion of the Licensor.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF both the LICENSOR AND THE LICENCEE have executed this agreement this 25th day of July, 2013.





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