Sales Promoter Duties and Responsibilities

Free Sample / Example / Template for Sales Promototer Duties, Roles & Resposibilites towards company in word/ .doc Format


Sales Promoter (SP):-

1. Where required, Sales Promoters will be appointed for specific areas. They will generate Sales both for Dealer and Institution segments.

2. Sales Targets for SP’s will be fixed up for the year and reviewed quarterly. They will maintain adequate Sales / Liaising staff.

3. Sales Commission is 2.5% per month on the Net Sales (excluding CST / VAT) after collection of payment & tax forms.

4. Security Deposit (SD) will be required as under :-

Target Sales per month                                                 Security Deposit

Upto 150 lacs                                                                               10.00 lacs

151 – 175 lacs                                                                               15.00 lacs

175 – 225 lacs                                                                              20.00 lacs

225 lacs +                                                                                     25.00 lacs

10% interest will be paid annually on S.D.

5. Orders from Dealers shall be as per the Co. price list and terms & conditions. In case of non-payment, after 90 days, SP shall be liable for the same.

6. Offers to Institution should be made after due approval of company only. In case of delay in payments by 60 days, more than agreed credit days, SP shall be liable for the same.

7. SP will collect and be responsible for all Sales Tax concessional forms/ Tax declaration forms as applicable from the purchasing parties against Company’s bill raised.

8. The Sales Promoter will maintain proper coordination with C & F agents, Authorized Transporters and Company Officers for smooth working.


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