Letter of Credit Opening Form for Bank

Sample /Template /Example of Application / Request Letter to Bank Manager (SBI, ICICI, AXIS, IDBI, PNG, HDFC, HSBC etc) for LC opening within a date in word/.doc format

Request letter for Opening Of Letter Of credit (Import/ inland)

The Manager
State Bank of India
45/4 M G Road Branch
Post Bag No. 15402
Bangalore – 458 545

Dear Sir

Sub: Request for Opening Of Letter Of credit (Import/ inland) for  Capital Goods  Raw material     Merchant Trade/ Intermediary Trade  Revolving LC.

Commodity: -                                                        HS Code:-                                              IEC Code No:

Name & Address Of Applicant

A/C No & Name Of Base branch for payment

LC Amount

Name& Address Of Beneficiary

 Sight    Usance  (__________)
Details Of INCO terms :2000

We request you to open letter of credit against above mentioned details by debiting your charges  from our account and we providing to following undertakings:- (tick out whichever is applicable)
 we will submit the proof of import as per existing guidance of FEMA 1999.
 we under take the goods which we are importing is not falling under negative list of foreign trade policy 2004-09.
 we undertake to submit copy of insurance against this import.
we confirm that we have very good relationship with party & we are comfortable with the party.
We undertake to submit Declaration (APDIR56) and tax Challan if any interest is paid.
We confirm that we will complete the entire import transaction within prescribed period as per FEMA 1999.
 This LC will be governed under UCP 600.
 we undertake to indemnify you against any loss / damages/ claim under this LC.
 we undertake to submit any other documents on LC opening bank’s demand which we are not submitting wit this request letter.

For ______________                                                   For __________________

Authorised Signatory                                                           Authorised Signatory