Sample Debit Note Letter to Customer / Dealer

Format / Template / Example of Covering letter Writing for Debit Note to Customer / Dealer in Doc / Word

ABC Corp/2012-13/125                                                          Dt. 16.12.2012

M/s. Customer / Dealer Name
Customer / Dealer Address

Sub: Deviation in Billing

Dear Sir,

While scrutinizing the billing made during the month of Nov’2012, it has been revealed that there were differences in making of invoice with regard to our Marketing Policy in force.  This has resulted in Invoices on lower side which is mainly for the reasons allowing Dealer Discount / Volume Discount/…………..

Therefore, debit note has been raised on you and the same is being attached herewith and we request you to arrange payment of the same.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully
For ABC Sales Corporation


C  C:  1) Head Office – Accounts
         2) Marketing Regional Manager
         3) President - Marketing


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