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The Secretary
ABC Corporation

Dear S.K.Roy,  President and honourable members! 

First of all let me take this opportunity to wish ABC Corporation Ltd. as a whole and specially the ABC Corp's Diamond Jubilee Celebration Committee all my best wishes on the occasion of its Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Needless to say that this is a very big occasion for all ABC Corp. members - past, present and future - and on the part of everybody associated with the ABC Corp.  from its inception.  I am personally very very happy and will be ever happier to see the ABC Corp grow day by day in its activities and achieving its fundamental goals.

Although it is my wish to be present there at TAJ Mumbai Kolkata on 18th October 2012 to be part and parcel of the ABC Corp's Golden Jubilee Celebrations, certain unavoidable personal commitments are holding me back here in my native place.  I sincerely believe that everyone of you will appreciate the circumstances and pardon me for not being able to participate in this prestigious function.  My mind and soul will always be there with all of you and will be visualizing the auspicious celebration programme throughout.  My sincere request to all of you is that my non-presence should not be felt at all.

The Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee really deserves felicitations for their hard work in making this memorable event a grand success and also for remembering all the past office bearers of the ABC Corp on this auspicious occasion.  I personally thank you for sending me an invitation to be part of the celebrations.

In all these years ABC Corp has proven that collective, sincere and foresighted teamwork can be a grand success.  And a word to the present and future office bearers and members of the ABC Corp is that DO NOT LOOK BACK, JUST GO ON,  YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Thank you once again,


Sourav Sen  

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