Reference check format with Form, Questions and Answers

New Employee Reference Check for Mr ABCD 

Your Details

Name :-                        XYX 
Designation :-           Vice President Manager (Finance) 
Company :-                 Microsoft Corp Ltd

Contact Details 

email :-                     __XYZ@microsoft.com____ 

Address :-                __123 LA, USA_________ 

Contact details      __90 1234567890_______ 

General Feedback:-

1) For how long, and in what capacity, the Applicant is  known to You? 

We have worked together for Last 20 Years & He is known to me both professionally & personally.

2) Provide some Examples of work that he/she has done independently? 

He has single handedly increased the Yearly sales of Microsoft LA Head quarter by 150% in 2011-12.

3) Mention some areas where you feel that he/she requires supervision or support. 

Some Practical  knowledge on Six Sigma, TPM etc.

4) Is there anything in  his/her  history that would raise a question of his/her employability? 


Skill Feedback:

1) Professional Competence ( Job knowledge and technical skills) 

2) Learning Ability  (How quickly he/she grasp new concepts, ideas, apply past experience  to new situations ) 

3) Leadership /Team management skills 

General Assessment : How would you rate him/her on: 

                   Rating                                        Excellent        Good       Average     Poor 
  1. Commitment and Dedication 
  2. Target Orientation 
  3. Initiative 
  4. Punctuality 
  5. Attitude 
  6. Motivation 
  7. Integrity 
  8. Problem Solving Capabilities 
  9. Team work 
  10. Stress Handling 
  11. Willingness  to change 
  12. Performance 
  13. Interpersonal Skills 


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