Process Flow For The Lodgement Of An Insurance Claim for Transit Damage


1) A letter from your branch office to be issued to the local branch of the transporter for to hold them responsible for the Loss of value of your consignment as they have not taken adequate protections to safeguard our material from Rain Water, Damages etc. In this letter tentative quantum of loss should be specified which should be higher than the actual loss; that will be subsequently incorporated in the claim bill.

2) A letter from your branch office should be issued to the local office of Insurance Company/ Respective Insurance Company, informing about the truck/shipment Incident /Accident & Losses incurred there in.

In this letter following items should be mentioned:-

  • A brief description of accident/incident due to which loss has accrued. 
  • Supporting evidences, if any for example FIR, Photographs, Testimonials or atleast an authentication by the transporter (Remark by the driver regarding the incident). 
  • Date of despatch & date of arrival of the material, Truck No, Transporters Name, Place of incident causing loss. 
  • Associated Challan No, Bill No / Invoice No, Excise Gate Pass (GP), Transit Insurance policy no with a copy of each document. 
  • Consignee copy of the consignment note with driver’s remark on the reverse of the CN copy. 
  • Request for an appointment of a surveyor to inspect the damages. 
  • Name, Place, time for such survey maybe mentioned. 
  • Your Man/Representative should be present when the said survey work is done. 
  • Exact Loss Assessment to be done w.r.t. the respective Invoices pertaining to the material. 
  • Photographs to be taken. 
3) The survey report to be obtained at the earliest from the surveyor.

4) All the photographs should have the seal & signature of the surveyor.

5) Surveyor’s bill should be obtained.

6) The Branch may now send the following to HO for further Processing:-

  • Survey report. 
  • Surveyor’s bill. 
  • Photographs with seal. 
  • Invoice pertaining to the damaged materials;. 
  • Challan pertaining to the damaged materials. 
  • Stock details if required by surveyor, 
  • FIR or any other relevant documents related to the case. 
7) Once the above reached H.O., all the details of the documents sent, should be checked & first entered in an incoming register.

8) Request (by letter) to be sent to the transporter asking for a “Damage certificate”. The certifications given in the damage certificate “Should Exactly match with The Contents of the Surveyor’s report (in quantitative terms)”.

9) Preparation of claim bill, claim summary & Covering Letter.

10) All the Documents stated above, should be enclosed with items of Sl (9) & finally submitted with acknowledgment from the insurance Company including date Stamp.

11) Follow – up for recovery.


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