Letter to bank for wrong charges

Complaint Letter Format / Sample for Deduction of wrong charges in Account

ABC Corp/ IIBL/ 2012-13/ 025              July 12, 20112

The Manager
Indusind Bank
Park Road
Mumbai 800 016            

                                         Attn : Shri K R Nath

Dear Sir,

While going through the statement dtd. 02.07.12 sent by you, we found that you have debited Rs.300/- each in our 4 accounts i.e. A/c Nos.0000-00000-001, 0000-00000-002, 0000-00000-003 & 0000-00000-004 towards non-maintenance of minimum balance.

In this regard, please note that to maintain the aforesaid accounts, we do not need to keep minimum balance because all are operating against our main A/c No. 0000-000000-701. Therefore you are requested to waive and crediting Rs.1200/- to the A/c No. 0000-000000-701.

A copy of the aforesaid statement dtd. 02.07.12 is enclosed for your ready reference.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully


Encl. As above


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