General Ledger Master Data Tips and Tricks in SAP

General Ledger Master Data


Need to add an account that does not exist in the specified company code. 

Note: This account must exist in the master chart of accounts.
Business Process Procedure Overview:-

Business transactions are posted to accounts and managed via accounts. Master records must be created for each account in order to post transactions. The G/L accounts record the business transactions in totals form.

Input – Required Fields
Field Value/Comments
Account Number
Company Code
Short text
Account Group
Group Account Number

Tips and Tricks:-

In order to create similar accounts quickly, click on the “Create with Reference” button. For example, if you are setting up multiple expense accounts, then reference a similar expense account. This will copy all of the attributes of the reference account. The user then has the option to change only the fields that are different from the reference account before saving.


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