Enter Vendor Credit Memo in SAP ( Park / Post ) T Code :- FB65 , FBR2


Enter (Park / Post) Vendor Credit Memo

Receive a credit memo from vendor for overcharged/damaged items

Business Process Procedure Overview:-

A vendor credit memo is the reversal of part or all of an invoice. When an invoice is cancelled, the system automatically creates a credit memo. The credit memo posting is similar to other standard document postings within the SAP R/3 system. Once posted, the credit memo is applied against the vendor account balance, and subsequently offsets future payments.

T Code: FB65 , FBR2

Input - Required Fields
Field Value / Comments
Enter Vendor Number
Document Date
Enter Date to be appeared for that document
Posting Date
Current date defaults into the field.
Invoice Amount
Enter Amount Say Rs. 5000/-
Defaults to Local Currency.
Enter Desired Amount
Baseline Date
Defaults to system date
Payment Terms
System defaults the pmnt terms to default, one  
specified in that particular master record.

Output - Results
Creation of vendor credit memo in the system

Procedural Steps
1.1. Access transaction by:

Via Menus
Accounting -> Financial Accounting-> Accounts Payable  -> Document entry -> Credit Memo
Via Transaction Code

1.2. On screen “Vendor credit memo Enter”, enter the information as specified in the fields in the table below:

Note: For document entry you may select the appropriate screen variant and account assignment template that most closely relates to the transaction.

Field Name
User Action and Values
Basic data Tab

Vendor account number
Enter Vendor Account number
Use the drop down menu
Sp. G/L
For all line items in vendor accounts
which are updated to an alternative
reconciliation account in the general
ledger, the special G/L indicator
determines which account is to be
Use this field for items such as down payment request.
Use the drop down menu
Document Date
Date of the original document.
Enter the date

Posting Date
Date the account balances are updated.
System defaults to
system date

System defaults
Document Reference
 information if desired.
Used as a search 

Business Place/Section
Enter Section code

Drill down

Invoice Amount
Enter amount

Currency ID
Designate the 
document currency
Enter currency 
or system defaults to 
local Currency.

Details TAB

Business Area
Enter the 
Business Area

Payment TAB

Paymt terms
Key for defining 
payment terms
composed of cash 
discount percentages
and payment periods.

The payment terms
 are defaulted in from 
the Vendor Master 
record.  They may be
changed on a document 
during entry  -- a
warning entry will 
appear which informs the
user that the terms 
have been changed (for
this document only).  
Click on the Payment
tab to make changes 
to the payment terms.

Key for defining 
payment terms
composed of cash 
discount percentages
and payment periods.

This defaults in as 
today’s date, but be
change in the 
Payment tab.

Invoice Reference
Field to be used in
case of raising Credit 
 memo with reference 
to an invoice
Enter the Invoice No.,
Fiscal Year and line item

With holding Tax TAB

With holding Tax TYPE
Enter the With 
holding Tax code
Enter the relevant 
tax code
Drill down menu available
G/L Account
General ledger 
account number
Enter GL Account 

Amount in Document Currency
Enter the line item 
amount to be
posted to.

Debit / 
Credit indicator

(Note: On above table, in column “R/O/C”: “R” = Required, “O” = Optional, “C” = Conditional)

1.3. Click on the “Simulate” button or F9 to review vendor invoice entry.

If you wish to change any data, double click on the line item and make your changes.

1.4. To post the document, Click on the “post” icon or “Ctrl + S”.

NOTE: Optional functions which can be performed before posting/saving the document.

  • Simulating the Posting: Select SIMULATE Button. This optional step will create any automatically generated document lines such as inter-company entries and allow you to view them before posting. 
  • Park the document: Select the PARK button. This will park the document (NOT post it) and can be retrieved for future reference. 
Post A Parked Credit Memo in SAP T code - FBR2 

Posting Parked Credit Memo

After the Parking of Credit memo go to T-Code FBR2. The following screen appears

Via Transaction Code

Enter the Parked Document Number, Company Code and fiscal year and press “Enter” 

System gives the parked document details and if we save it then system generates a posting document.


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