Document Display in SAP T Code - FB03

With the help of this T code you can display / see the details of any Document in SAP.

Display Account Balances

Business Process Description Overview

This process will display a previously created accounting document. To display a specific document, enter document number, company code and fiscal year (optional).

T Code :- FB03

Input - Required Fields
Field Value / Comments
Document Number
Enter the document number to view
Company Code

Procedural Steps

1.1.       Access the transaction by:

Via Menus
Accounting->Financial Accounting-> General Ledger  
-> Document ->Display Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> Accounts Payable -> Document -> Display Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivable ->Document ->Display
Via Transaction Code

1.2. On the screen “Display Document: Initial Screen”, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below:

Field Name
User Action and Values
Document Number
The system requires the number of the document you wish to display.
Enter the document number you wish to change.
The system proposes the document number from the last processed document.
Company Code
The system requires the company code that the document was posted under.
The system proposes the company code that was used in the previous function.
Fiscal Year
If the number range that the document type uses is year dependent, you may use this field to be more specific.
Enter 2013 fiscal year
If you do not enter a fiscal year and the number range used is year dependent, an additional window will appear if the document number exists in various years.


  • If you do not know the specific document number you wish to display, click on the List button, enter the parameters that you do know, and run the search in order to find the proper document. Then double-click on the desired document to display it.  In column “R/O/C” of above table, “R” = Required, “O” = Optional, “C” = Conditional 
  • Select the (Tick) Enter icon to proceed 

1.3.        On the screen “Document Overview”, you will see all line items for the document. If you wish to see more details for a specific line item, double-clicking on it. You can also click on the Document Header icon or hit F5 to see the header information for the document. If you desire to make changes to the document, click the Display <-> Change icon or hit Shift + F1. In order to return to the “Document Overview” screen, click on the Overview icon or click on the <- green arrow.

1.3.      To return to the “Display Document: Initial Screen”, click on the <- green arrow or press F-3


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