Customer Need Identification Process

Customer Need Identification

A Field Feedback is obtained by Sales personnel of dealers to identify the customer needs on various parameters as mentioned in the specified format of the company. The activity is carried out once in six months at different regions. This is essential to understand the market requirements so as to set internal standards to satisfy such requirements.

The respective Sales personnel prepare a Customer Need Identification report in the specified format of the company. The report is signed by the dealer from whom the feedback is obtained.

The Customer Need Identification report is compiled by the Branch Head at the respective branches and is forwarded to the Head Office.

The customer need identification reports received from different regions are compiled by the SM-S&D at HO.

The compiled and comprehensive report is submitted to the HOD’s of:

  • Marketing 
  • Unit Head 
  • Production 
The compiled report is reviewed at the half yearly marketing review meeting comprising HOD’s of Marketing, Production, Unit Head in the presence of GM F&A and MD. The first review is held within July every year for all feedbacks summarised upto June for that year. The second review is held in following January for all feedbacks received from July to December previous year.

Minutes of marketing review meeting are recorded by SM-S&D.

The minutes are circulated to the Branch Offices by SM-S&D mentioning the date of implementation of improvements (if any) with a purpose of obtaining further feedback in future.

On the basis of the compiled report, internal standards are set for the various departments. Thereafter a Customer Satisfaction Measurement activity is carried out to analyse the performance variances from the standard.


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