Customer Satisfaction Survey Procedure & Example

Customer Satisfaction Survey

For Any company Customer is everything. If your Customers are satisfied with your products & Service they will come back to you again & again otherwise no matter how good you do on account of Marketing & sales you will end up on losing side. Here you can get an example of Customer Satisfaction Survey procedure followed in Orgnaistions.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is performed by Sales personnel at Branch Offices on visit to customers’ location.

The following parameters are considered on a five point scale for rating customers during the Customer Satisfaction Survey:
  • Product Quality 
  • Delivery Time 
  • Marketing Support 
  • Technical Support 
  • Response for after sales service 
On obtaining ratings from individual customers, they are compiled to a summary report at the respective branches by the Branch Head and is forwarded to the SM-S&D for reviewing.

The summary of all satisfaction surveys are collected from different regions are compiled by the SM-S&D.

The SM-S&D presents the compiled report in Customer Satisfaction Analysis meeting held on a half yearly basis. The meeting is attended by HOD’s of Marketing, Quality Assurance, Production, Unit Head, GM F&A and MD. The first review is held within October every year for all feedbacks summarised upto September for that year. The second review is held in following April for all feedbacks received from October to February previous year.

The ratings are compared to the standards set from the Customer Need Identification feedback. In case of adverse variance from such standard, measures are taken to improve thereon.

The feedback along with the improvements plan discussed in the meeting are documented and circulated to the Branch Offices by SM-S&D.


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